The Y-factor for Climate Abatement

The Y-factor visualizes the complexity of climate abatement. There is a wide variety of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, spread throughout all sectors of the economy. Abatement options are typically presented in terms of the abatement costs and abatement potential, in a so-called marginal abatement cost curve (MACC). The abatement costs are the costs needed to reduce reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Euro/ton CO2). The abatement potential are the emissions that can be avoided (ton CO2).

But there is more to it than Euro's and tons. Choosing between abatement measures is difficult: low-cost options are not necessarily easy to realize. This tool, the Y-factor visualizes a variety of factors influencing why abatement options are or are not realized. It provides a complementary view on climate mitigation: carbon abatement options are scored on 12 factors, spread across 4 categories: 1) costs and financials, 2) multi-actor complexity, 3) physical interdependencies, and 4) behaviour.

The elements below enable you to:

  • Visualize the Y-factor as a bar chart
  • Adjust weights of the factors
  • Select the abatement options, and change their scoring
  • Visualize the Y-factor together with the marginal abatement cost curve

This work has been developed at TU Delft. For more information: contact Emile Chappin.

Y-Factor Curve

Adjust weights and level of detail

The Y-Factor with marginal abatement costs and potentials