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emlab.gen.repository.SegmentLoadRepository Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

Iterable< SegmentLoadfindAllSegmentLoadsBySegment (@Param("segment") Segment segment)
double returnSegmentBaseLoadBySegmentAndMarket (@Param("segment") Segment segment,@Param("market") ElectricitySpotMarket market)
double peakLoadbyZoneMarketandTime (@Param("zone") Zone zone,@Param("market") ElectricitySpotMarket market)

Detailed Description

Repository for segment loads


Definition at line 36 of file SegmentLoadRepository.java.

Member Function Documentation

Iterable<SegmentLoad> emlab.gen.repository.SegmentLoadRepository.findAllSegmentLoadsBySegment ( @Param("segment") Segment  segment)

Finds the segment loads for a certain segment.

segmentthe segment to find the load for
the segment load
double emlab.gen.repository.SegmentLoadRepository.returnSegmentBaseLoadBySegmentAndMarket ( @Param("segment") Segment  segment,
@Param("market") ElectricitySpotMarket  market 

Finds the segment load for a certain segment and market

segmentthe segment to find the load for
marketthe market to find the load for

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