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emlab.gen.trend.TimeSeriesCSVReader Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

double getValue (long time)
String getFilename ()
void setFilename (String filename)
String getDelimiter ()
void setDelimiter (String delimiter)
String getVariableName ()
void setVariableName (String variable)
- Public Member Functions inherited from emlab.gen.trend.TimeSeriesImpl
double getValue (long time)
void setValue (long time, double value)
double[] getTimeSeries ()
void setTimeSeries (double[] timeSeries)
double getStartingYear ()
void setStartingYear (double startingYear)

Detailed Description

Reads time series from a CSV file. Formatting must correspond to a format where each row contains one time series and the first column contains the variable names.

Alternatively, if no variableName is given, it reads a CSV file with a single column, in which each row contains a single value.


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