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emlab.gen.role.market.ClearIterativeCO2AndElectricitySpotMarketTwoCountryRole Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void act (DecarbonizationModel model)
void makeCentralElectricityMarketForecastForTimeStep (long clearingTick)
CO2SecantSearch clearIterativeCO2AndElectricitySpotMarketTwoCountryForTimestepAndFuelPrices (DecarbonizationModel model, boolean forecast, long clearingTick, Map< Substance, Double > fuelPriceMap, Map< ElectricitySpotMarket, Double > demandGrowthMap, double co2CapAdjustment)
void clearIterativeCO2ElectricitySpotMarketAndFutureMarketTwoCountryForTimestepAndFuelPrices (DecarbonizationModel model, long clearingTick)
Reps getReps ()

Detailed Description

Creates and clears the ElectricitySpotMarket for two Zones. The market is divided into Segments and cleared for each segment. A global CO2 emissions market is cleared. The process is iterative and the target is to let the total emissions match the cap.

Emile Chappin
Alfredas Chmieliauskas
Joern C. Richstein

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