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emlab.gen.domain.market.electricity.FinancialPowerPlantReport Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

long getTime ()
void setTime (long time)
PowerPlant getPowerPlant ()
void setPowerPlant (PowerPlant powerPlant)
double getSpotMarketRevenue ()
void setSpotMarketRevenue (double spotMarketRevenue)
double getLongTermMarketRevenue ()
void setLongTermMarketRevenue (double longTermMarketRevenue)
double getCapacityMarketRevenue ()
void setCapacityMarketRevenue (double capacityMarketRevenue)
double getStrategicReserveRevenue ()
void setStrategicReserveRevenue (double strategicReserveRevenue)
double getCo2HedgingRevenue ()
void setCo2HedgingRevenue (double co2HedgingRevenue)
double getOverallRevenue ()
void setOverallRevenue (double overallRevenue)
double getVariableCosts ()
void setVariableCosts (double variableCosts)
double getFixedCosts ()
void setFixedCosts (double fixedCosts)
double getFullLoadHours ()
void setFullLoadHours (double fullLoadHours)
double getProduction ()
void setProduction (double production)
double getCommodityCosts ()
void setCommodityCosts (double commodityCosts)
double getCo2Costs ()
void setCo2Costs (double co2Costs)
int getPowerPlantStatus ()
void setPowerPlantStatus (int powerPlantStatus)

Static Public Attributes

static final int UNDERCONSTRUCTION = 0
static final int OPERATIONAL = 1
static final int DISMANTLED = 2

Detailed Description

This class reresents a financial report per power plant per year. It is mainly used to condense information (from CashFlows and PowerPlantDispatchPlans, which are regularly deleted for performance reasons) and make it accessible to agents within the information, but also to the analyst using EMLab-Generation.


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