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emlab.gen.domain.factory.PowerPlantEntryParser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PowerPlantEntryParser (List< EnergyProducer > producers, List< PowerGeneratingTechnology > technologies, List< PowerGridNode > powerGridNodes)
PowerPlant parseEntry (String...data)
double determineLoanAnnuities (double totalLoan, double payBackTime, double interestRate)

Detailed Description

The power plant entry parser, takes rows of a CSV table and turns it into power plants in the database when the simulation starts.

The columns of the table need to be defined in the following order:


and column headers should be given.

TechnologyName (of class PowerGeneratingTechnology), OwnerName (of class EnergyProducer) and LocationName (of class PowerGridNode) need to correspond exactly to the names defined in the scenario file.

The entries of the columns OwnerName, Capacity and Efficiency may be left empty. In this case the owner is randomly assigned, the capacity set to the standard capacity times the locational capacity factor, and the efficiency is calculated from the age of the power plant and the learning curve of the technology. The columns OwnerName, Capacity, and Efficiency maybe left away entirely (but only if the columns to the right are also left away).


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