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emlab.gen.domain.contract.LongTermContract Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Substance getMainFuel ()
void setMainFuel (Substance mainFuel)
double getFuelPassThroughFactor ()
void setFuelPassThroughFactor (double fuelPassThroughFactor)
double getCo2PassThroughFactor ()
void setCo2PassThroughFactor (double co2PassThroughFactor)
double getFuelPriceStart ()
void setFuelPriceStart (double fuelPriceStart)
double getCo2PriceStart ()
void setCo2PriceStart (double co2PriceStart)
Zone getZone ()
void setZone (Zone zone)
double getCapacity ()
void setCapacity (double capacity)
LongTermContractType getLongTermContractType ()
void setLongTermContractType (LongTermContractType longTermContractType)
PowerPlant getUnderlyingPowerPlant ()
void setUnderlyingPowerPlant (PowerPlant underlyingPowerPlant)
LongTermContractDuration getDuration ()
void setDuration (LongTermContractDuration duration)
- Public Member Functions inherited from emlab.gen.domain.contract.Contract
double getPricePerUnit ()
void setPricePerUnit (double pricePerUnit)
boolean isSigned ()
void setSigned (boolean signed)
long getStart ()
void setStart (long start)
long getFinish ()
void setFinish (long finish)
DecarbonizationAgent getFrom ()
void setFrom (DecarbonizationAgent from)
DecarbonizationAgent getTo ()
void setTo (DecarbonizationAgent to)

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